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Spectra 2023 - report

Spectra 2023 - report

On the 11th of October 2023, Spectra a mental health awareness fest was conducted by IBDP 1 students of HFSI. We conducted events throughout the day which promoted the mental well-being of students and teachers.

'Spectra' is a celebration of the intricacies of the human mind. It's an exploration of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that make each one of us unique. Our primary goal is to kindle the flames of curiosity within you, to ignite a passion for understanding the complexities of the human psyche.

These events that take place in spectra have been thoughtfully designed with your growth and development in mind. They are here to help you dive deeper into the fascinating realm of psychology, foster the spirit of teamwork, and, perhaps most importantly, provide a secure haven for you to express yourselves freely. As we embark on this thrilling journey through the intricate tapestry of human behaviour, it’s essential to remember that each of you possesses a special perspective that enriches our collective understanding.

“Spectra” goes beyond the confines of conventional learning; it’s a heartfelt expedition that invites you to explore the dimensions of diversity, nurture the seeds of empathy, and support your personal growth. It’s about forging profound connections as we navigate the complexities of the human mind and the emotions that weave us together.

The Therapy Room Simulation was inaugurated by our principal, Kalyani Patnaik. She enlightened us with her pearls of wisdom on the topic of mental wellbeing, amounts teenagers.

Therapy Room Simulation - This refers to a dedicated space or setup where simulations related to various types of therapies are conducted. This may involve practical demonstrations or role-playing scenarios to educate people about different therapeutic approaches.

Awareness about Different Types of Therapies The primary goal of the therapy simulation room was to raise awareness and knowledge about various forms of therapeutic treatments. This could include physical therapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, or any other type of therapy. We had activities such as karaoke, instrumental music, origami, mandala painting, and several cognitive games throughout the event.

Guidance Session by Dr. Fernandes, an accomplished psychiatrist with 8+ years of experience, an MBBS from Mumbai’s KEM Hospital, and an MD in Psychiatry from INHS ASVINI. He specialises in alcohol addiction and has worked at esteemed institutions like LTMMC Sion Hospital, KEM Hospital, and GTB Sewri Hospital, where he achieved remarkable results in reducing the suicide rate to zero and enhancing the mental well-being of patients with chronic illnesses. His passion for research is evident through numerous publications. He conducted a session that focused on the mental health and well-being of students. This implies that Dr Fernandes shared valuable insights and advice about how to maintain good mental health.

Events There were several events organized as part of this initiative. Two specific events are mentioned. Overall, it was a very interactive session with students.

Budding Psychologist - This event appears to be designed for individuals who are interested in psychology and mental health. It concentrated on creating diagnostic and treatment plans for grades 8 to 12. Essentially, it may have involved participants taking on the role of budding psychologists, diagnosing hypothetical cases, and planning treatments.

Mini Sherlock - This event seems to be inspired by the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. It was focused on understanding and analyzing case studies, which implies that participants were likely given case scenarios to investigate and solve.

Spreading Awareness: The common theme in all of these activities and events is the promotion of awareness. The goal was to educate people about various therapies, mental health, and psychology- related topics. This suggests that the events were meant to inform and possibly reduce stigma or misunderstanding related to these subjects. All the participants were applicated by awarded certificates of participation, furthermore, the winners of the events were felicitated by our principal ma’am.

In summary, we had a series of educational and awareness-building activities related to therapy, mental health, and psychology. These activities included a simulation room, a guidance session by Dr. Austin Fernandes, and specific events like "Budding Psychologist" and "Mini Sherlock," all with the aim of spreading knowledge and understanding.

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