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CAIE Primary Testimonial

A mesmerizing performance by the students of Grades 1&2! Thankyou teachers for the effort and the hardwork that you put in for our kids. Forever grateful -
Regards ,

Beautiful performance by all the lovely children. Loved the confidence. Good job by the teachers to make it look so organized-
Parent of Shivansh

Wonderful performances; supremely talented kids. We thoroughly enjoyed the show! Anubhav Ghosh & Dipanwita Ghosh .
Parent of Shadin

It was a wonderful performance by all the kids!! Including all children is an important aspect of the show!! This helps children bond, team work and learn other qualities. Watching all of them was a feast! All the best!

Outstanding preparation and performance by the little ones. It was truly captivating!Loved that there were no teachers to prompt them.

Kudos to the entire team It was a fabulous show. Production values were professional. Kids were fantastic and the show was designed to play to the kids' strengths, showcasing their talent.

Excellent Performances! Very well organised, extremely well coordinated; students were confident and we loved the performances. God bless!

Rocking performance!Excellent work by all teachers and kids -
Saba ( Parent of Zakaria)

Absolutely fabulous performance. Grace, happiness, rhythm, effort, teamwork and energy was really contagious! -
Ram ( Parent of Madhav)

Exceptional & an extraordinary performance. Very well organised. Kudos to the young talents and the teachers! Keep scaling hihger. Best wishes !

It was a fantastic event! We loved every part of it. Keep up the great work! -

Great concept aligned to important values. Very well done by the kids, teachers and support staff. Look forward to the next edition -
Mangesh Sathe (Parent of Ira)

Amazing performance by all the kids. Very well organized by the teachers, dance instructors and the organizing team. Loved every act-

Amazing performance, loved it and it shows all the hard work put together. Thank you !

We enjoyed the performance. Looking forward to next year! -

Had a wonderful time. Children were brilliant!! Thank you-

A very good show. Keep it up!!

All the performances were awesome. Thanks to the class teachers and school management for everything -

I entered HFS International with dreams and aspirations, and the school provided me with an environment that fostered my intellectual curiosity and fostered a love for learning. The dedication of the teaching staff, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, created an atmosphere that was conducive to academic excellence. One of the most significant milestones in my academic journey was preparing for India's most prestigious examinations - NEET and JEE Advanced. The school's comprehensive curriculum and rigorous academic programs equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in these competitive exams.

The emphasis on holistic development at HFS International not only focused on academics but also instilled in me qualities such as perseverance, discipline, and a spirit of inquiry. With the solid foundation laid at HFS International , I successfully cracked NEET and JEE Advanced, securing a place in AIIMS. This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support and guidance from the school, the dedicated teachers, and the nurturing educational environment that HFS International provided.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you, Principal Kalyani Patnaik, for your visionary leadership and commitment to the success of every student. Your guidance has been instrumental in shaping my academic journey, and I am proud to have been a part of the HFS International family.

Over all it was an amazing experience with all the fun & learning.These are the most cherished days of Rudraksh that he is going to remember & collecting some blessed memories from HFSI
Shilpa Gandhi ,Capt.Prateek Gandhi
Student name-Rudraksh Gandhi
Our experience was very good .I would mark it outstanding. My child has his fundamental years at HFSI. He enjoyed learning here.Thanks to all the teachers & staff .
Vandna Arora
Student name-Avi Arora
It was a great journey with HFSI from grade 1 till today.My kid has learnt so many things from this great school.All thanks to the teachers of HFSI .
Student name-Shrey Soni
Janmej joined the school in .He is an active child,and he came from Baroda school which was different in their approach but due to efforts of the class teachers and coordinators ,he got well settled here.
Parmeet Kour
Student name-Janmej Singh
Anaika & Kyra had a great time learning and socialising at HFS International .Teachers were caring,responsive & updated.
Durgesh Singh
Student name-Anaika Singh
My experience with my child's learning has been pleasant with the school.She has had wonderful formative years of learning .The teachers & staff all have been cooperative & approachable throughout .
Vruta & Yash Parekh
Student name-Prisha Parekh
The School curriculum is very good.Practical way of learning .Happy with the methods of teaching.
Charmi Dedhia
Student name-Navya Dedhia
We had a very good experience with Chanel in the school.She has really done very well.Especially the teaching staff are very good and always monitoring her in every way possible.Thanks so much.
Connolly Lewis
Student name-Chanel Lewis
Kiana was with HFSI for the past 1 year.She had a good learning at school.
Smita Daga
Student name-Kiana Daga
Great learning experience for my daughter .Best part is the practical orientation to every aspect on how to apply lessons to real life problems.
Souvik Chakraborty
Student name-Snigdha Chakraborty
Overall it was a good experience .Rishaan enjoyed the facilities as well as the environment.His overall skills have improved,especially in Science and Maths .
Subin Pillai
Student name-Rishaan Pillai
Yug benefited immensely both in studies & sports and intra-personal skills.
Parasuram Kumar
Student name-Yug Kumar
It was good experience.Ishaan loved to go to school every day.
Student Name-Ishaan Choudhary
Fantastic .Very warm and caring teachers .
Sowmya Harisharan
Student name-Aparna Ramchandran
The children performed very well.. They exuded confidence and were happy to showcase their knowledge in front of their parents. Good job!
Aarav Khot
I loved to see their team spirit. The children were so confident. Shows the overall growth of each child.
Ridhi Sanan
Excellent event - SLC!! Enjoyed thoroughly. Three cheers for the entire team of children and teachers. Well presented kids!!
Siddant Malik
Very good efforts by the kids and teachers. Very good initiative and exposure for the children. Thank you to al the teachers and Pooja Ma'am for your guidance, support and push.
Avantika Arun
It was wonderful to see how confident and comfortable the children were with each other. The teamwork and collaboration between them was amazing. It is extremely gratifying to see how the children are taken so good care of by their teachers and also how they are steadily developing into responsible and wholesome adults.
Shaaz Ahmad
Had an amazing experience. The whole year in a nutshell. The hard work of Mrs Parul in molding and shaping of students can be seen. The kids have come a long way from June 2022 until today. Really appreciate the way kids are taught basic life skills in play methods . The confidence Pranshul has developed is really remarkable from a shy one. Would really like to take this as an opportunity to thank Parul ma'am and all the teachers who have made this year of learning and fun .
Pranshul G V Joshi
We were very impressed with the children of Grade 2 A. All the children presented really well. As a parent, one felt proud to see our children share their learnings with confidence. Thank you to all the teachers and staff. It's been a great year! Looking forward to the next academic year!
Ariyana Bharucha
It was wonderful to hear the students speak on a formal platform and go through what they have done through the year. For Grade 1 students this was a first, and a good, small platform to start with. Great work!
Aahaan Sahai
Very innovative concept :) Student felt confident and thoroughly liked the event.
Shreya Choudhary
The conference showcased how far the students have come. It was very well organized and students participated with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence which as a parent made me proud. I look forward to such conferences in future.
Nitara Sharma
All the children did a great job. It was nice to see them working as a team and presenting what they have learned over the past year. Thank you to all the teachers and staff members! It's been a great year and we are looking forward to the next school year!
Sanaiya Bharucha
This academic year was a big one for the kids moving from primary to middle school to top it all this was the first full fledged school experience post lockdowns. To say that as parents we were worried and apprehensive about such major transitions would be an understatement to add to that the initial worry about covid infections and infections in general. I don't think we could have asked for a better teacher and guide for our son. You have been a calming influence on our son always understanding and quick to resolve issues if any no matter how big or small. You ensured that the kids studied hard you have instilled in them the importance of everyday practise. At the same time you made the classroom a safe space for kids where they were free to express themselves, free to make mistakes and free to be independent but at the same time you ensured they were never actually away from your watchful and protective gaze.

I was fortunate to witness first hand your love and care for the kids and how you worked so hard to make this academic year a truly great experience be it study wise, or extra curricular activity wise or be it teaching the kids to have empathy and be better to each other.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for making this year an awesome experience for our kids. You are an amazing teacher the kids are indeed fortunate to have had you as a class teacher.

I would also like to express my appreciation for all the teachers who have strived throughout the year and helped kids grasp difficult concepts both inside and outside the classroom. Would expecially like to mention Geeta Ma'am who has been with the kids since the last couple of years she has built an enviably loving and fun rapport with the kids and it is a delight watching them interact.

Pooja Ma'am thank you for being so approachable and prompt and helping with any and all queries. You made it look effortless and kept everything running smoothly.

The school has worked hard to create a nurturing, learning community based on respect and co-operation. Thank you and kudos to Kalyani Ma'am for forging such a strong foundation.

Would like to end this mail thanking you Heena Ma'am for always being there, for patiently handling all queries, for counselling us throughout the year on handling an emerging teenager and to keep cool through this all. It was a real pleasure getting to know you.

Thank you Ma'am!
Rachna Malajure & Ranjan Malajure
Student name-Arul's parents
 Honey Desai It was too good .He has been associated since Nursery i.e (3.5 years )
Honey Desai
School was fun for Navya & she looked forward to coming to school everyday .She has made great friends & had joined as an introverted child but has left as a confident young person.Which talks a lot about her teachers. By,
Lunica lakhani
 Gupta An amazing school and experience .
Sandeep Gupta
Excellent support .School is taking care of the students in all aspects & after leaving the school we are very proud that my daughter was part of this Great Institution .Team here is always happy to help .
Pavan Shrivastava
 Kushagra Our experience at HFSI has been quite pleasant .
Kushagra Srivastava
Excellent teachers Aanya enjoyed her time in the school .
Anshuman Masaldan
 Joshi It was a very good experience at this school.Thank you for everything .
Meghana Joshi
My daughter had a very good experience .
Swaron Martis
Siddhesh had a very good experience. Positive environment, good learning and growth at HFSI.
Pratima Ladiwala
 Komarina Kriti enjoyed her learning experience and her peer group thoroughly .
Kranthi Komarina
Good experience overall.
Ashish Singhal
 Kaur    HFSI justifies its name and its reputation truly. Adhvik has received tremendous growth and outstanding    learning experience. I am thankful to the efficient faculty and administration to justify Adhvik    measurement in his learning journey .
   Harpreet Kaur
It is a good school; we had a great experience with the middle school teachers.
Poonam Desai
 Garg Good experience good teachers.
Meenu Garg
It was a good experience, good teachers who build a great learning foundation for the kids.
Priyanka Vashisht
Experience was good.
Gurmit Kaur Mehta
Great experience with the school. Even though most of the duration my son has attended classes online but he always felt connected & engaged. Thanks for all the unique ways of teaching / learning.
Shobhit Garg
Great collaboration between teachers & students. Focuses on the overall development of the kids & that’s the key success measure for parents like us .
Aparjita Mukherjee Rajput
Excellent environment to nature students.
Ashish Singla
Our experience was good @HFSI.
Kanhai Chhugani
 Sinha Wonderful school.
Kanchan Sinha
Excellent school .
Abhimanyu Sikarwar
Tanush moved in lockdown but got adjusted here every easily. The way things were taught in school in online mode, we were so impressed to see knowledge of Tanush ,he gained here.
Archana Mishra
Experience was nice & warm @ HFS International .
Shilpi Goel
An excellent school with wonderful staff. I am glad we chose this school for the primary years of her education. Special thanks to lovely teachers. Will miss the school.
Navdeep Thakur
Extremly positive. Our ward studied in HFSI from pre primary till V std and learned a lot .
Vineet Mital
 Bhargava     A good experience for my son and us .
    Parul Bhargava
It has been great learning & enriching experience @HFSI.
Saurabh Kaushik
Agarwal Excellent. My son has been associated since nursery and unless we were moving out of the country. We would have loved to continue in the school.
Nitshith Agarwal
Good experience.
Sumit Kanuga
It been a great experience of HFSI. HFSI has been a great platform for Rudraksh, his overall exposure has been great.
Prachi Walia
Ambika_Atri    We are leaving the school with mixed emotions and lots and lots of good memories that we’ll    treasure forever. Thank you and all the very best.
   Ambika Atri
akhil    HFS International IGCSE is a fantastic experience for kids looking for practical application of    knowledge .The teaching approach has had a really lasting impact on the kid in learning .
   Pavan Kumar Valicherla
We'd like to thank everyone at HFSI for resuming offline school so seamlessly. We understand and appreciate the dedication and efforts of all, who in the last couple of years have painstakingly given our children an education in the worst of times. Children were so excited to go to school today after 2 whole years. They were happy to meet their friends and teachers alike. Thank you.
Regards, Roella
Erica    Greetings!!
   I want to thank you & the entire HFSI team for the readiness & the eagerness to bring kids back to the    regular learning environment.
   Erica had been looking forward to this for quite some time. She was extremely thrilled to join and came    back home with a smile today. Thank you for making all the arrangements to support online as well as    offline classes. We sincerely appreciate the efforts.
   Best Regards,
We have had the most wonderful three and half years of interaction with the school.The school has exhibited phenomenal responsibility with the way classes were executed during the pandemic .Kalyani Ma'am's leadership ,the school administration ,teachers and staff have all executed our expectations .
Nitin Tiwari
 Darshan Bhanushali It was fabulous .Very good school .Darsh will miss all his teachers .Thank you for all the support .
Mayuri Darshan Bhanushali
Thank you very much for the session today. Great initiative by the school. Kids were very excited and enjoyed a lot.
Really need to appreciate all the efforts put in by you and all the teachers on a daily basis to make the kids so comfortable and learn at the same time.
Samar has enjoyed each and every day of his school since his initial years at Beaumont and now learning online with you. You have made the transition to online learning so simple and fun and kids have adapted extremely well to such a drastic change in their lives.
We as parents thank each and every one of the staff and teachers at HFSI for selflessly helping our kids learn and mould them to better human beings.
Aditi Bhambhani
ARJO BANERJEE    Wonderful experience Arjo was at HFSI from nursery & the warmth & care of the teachers and other staff    were really exemplary .The transition from offline to online was also managed really well.
   Ainesh has had a lovely time in the school .The school has shaped him into a balanced and sensitive    kid .He loves his teachers .
   Nupur Gulati
Arya Thakur School is good ,faculties are excellent .
Vinod Thakur
Experience was really good.Teachers and teaching was excellent .Curriculum was a little easy .
Rajiv Sjeja
SAKAI It was a great experience for my son .This is just so difficult leaving this school .We will definitely come back after corona .Thank you
Mayuka Sakai
It was an awesome few years of the studying for my ward .The foundation here was the best thing for my child.Thanks for everything.
Poonam K.Nair
SHRIYA SHAH    Sincere thanks to you for supporting and guiding Shriya throughout the year and appreciating her    efforts by choosing her to be the 'Student of the year". She is thrilled and jumping with joy!!
   As an adult we know it hasnt been easy but for the kids, you - teachers, have made it look fun and    exciting. My gratitude to you and all grade 2 teachers for everything!!
   I hope you and your family continue to keep well.
   Looking forward to the next academic year with anticipation and doing our bit alongside the school
Greetings!! Hope you are keeping well.
As the academic year has ended, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful year despite having a challenging environment owing to pandemic.
We really appreciate how you fostered a sense of support and led these unprecedented challenges with a firm hand. As parents, we know how you went the extra mile and did your best to keep us well informed & involved. Your feedback messages have always brought a sense of belongingness and gave us a push to work harder every time. We are really grateful for your commitment & dedication to your students.
We would also like to thank Ms.Parul and all the teachers for their love, co-operation and efforts they had put in throughout the year. Without their relentless efforts it wouldn't have been a success.Thank you for a memorable school year. We are sure this will go down in history.
Stay safe!
Best Regards,
Shaifali & Puneet
(Erica's parents)
Shaifali & Puneet
Foram    Hi ,
   This is Foram shah ,mum of Hrihaan shah, Grade 5...First of of I am extremely sorry that I am writing    you this letter so late ,I should have written it on 9 th April ..
   Anyways I want to thank to the brains behind designing this online year of academics..
   It was planned extremely beautifulllllll...
   Learner’s studied ,danced ,did music class science experiment ,art and craft and so on and on ...
The classes were taken beautifully with a smooth flow...
Kids could understand so quickly....
Special thanks to maths and science teacher ,the way they use to send notes on portal was just amazing and detailed ...
We as parents could sit back read and make them understand... I learnt maths and taught my son too ..Now he is also feeling confident that yes I know maths.Extremely touched by the efforts teachers have taken to prepare these detailed notes ..Time table was so beautiful set that kids could do everything..Exams were also taken absolutely sincerely and perfectly .When I compare with parents from others school I felt our school designed this year smoothly and beautifully without any flaws.Truly want to thank pooja mam and Kalyani mam for guiding and motivating our teachers in these tough times ....
U guys rock ....
Our kids are blessed to have you lovely people around them guiding them ,teaching them ...
Thank you all one again
Yours sincerely,

To all the wonderful teachers of HFS,
It was a different year altogether for everyone, school children being no exception. But the way HFS handled the schooling year,I feel it was simply marvelous.
Subjects like Maths,English,Hindi Science were taught with great precision in the online mode. S.T.E.A.M activities ,Virtual trip, Assembly were very well conducted .
Art, music,dance etc were too conducted online successfully.
I think for Samit, it was a learning experience; a big thanks to all the teachers especially Heena mam who is his favorite. He was very well groomed by her. He took special interest in GP due to her kind and encouraging nature. It ofcourse does not undermine the efforts of Ruchi mam,Kajal mam,Aparna mam ,Shweta mam and others who were always patient to solve any doubts raised.
A big thanks to the HFS school team. All the best and we hope for another amazing schooling year ahead.!

Sanaiya Bharucha Firstly, a huge thank you to you and all the other teachers of Grade 2A for keeping our children engaged. They are clearly happy with school as they look forward to joining the Google meet class every morning! The topics discussed and activities done to explain the same are very effective. The STEAM activity particularly has been very engaging and exciting for the kids.
In order for us parents to understand the progress of our child, it would be very helpful if we could get either a progress report or some form of feedback on how our children are doing, either monthly or every 2 months.
Overall, we are very happy with the online approach and are appreciative of all the efforts taken by you teachers to manage all our children.
Thanks again and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
Shikha Bharucha
To begin with, HFSI is not just a school for my children, but a home, a family. Having moved back from US to India, as a parent, I was seeking for a school which could offer my children with a comfort zone. HFSI excelled with that, plus did way beyond in terms of utmost hygiene, numerous extracurricular activities, events, competitions, many facilities, and the list is endless. The principal has always been supportive, motivational and gave thorough guidance which allowed my three children to settle in the school without any problems.
The teachers portray patience, attention, kindness and generosity to all of their students and build a bond with them, raising their interest in learning. I will always be beyond satisfied that I chose a school like HFSI which helped my children in the challenge of settling down in another country.
Mrs. Shiba Mirza, Parent of Farhan Noorani (CAIE Grade III) & Sania Noorani (CAIE Grade VIII)
Dimira Thakre    We are very pleased with Beaumont international school's teachers and staff who have always been so    friendly , helpful and professional. My elder daughter expressed separation anxiety in early days and we    were extremely nervous during her admission in school . Beaumont teachers' personable and dedicated    approach helped my daughter and in no time she started loving her school, teachers and friends. With    this experience , it was obvious for us then to put our younger daughter in Beaumont. The school has    structured activities and personal attention to each child , so we have watched the confidence grow and new skills developed in our daughters. Overall I am very happy with the environment provided and progress made by both daughters.
Many thanks for the opportunity to provide our feedback.
Best Regards,
Deepti Thakre, Parent of Dimira Thakre (CAIE Grade II)
Greetings of the day Ma'am,
It's 1 1/2months since this school session started. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Principal ma'am, Pooja ma'am, Aparna ma'am, Silvia ma'am, Geeta Ma'am, Shweta ma'am, Jinu ma'am,Deepali ma'am, Ratna ma'am and Mrudali ma'am for conducting online class so efficiently,diligently and patiently.
I see my daughter, Madhurima being so responsible and attentive than ever before. She is always looking forward to meet her teachers and classmates. Though she does miss her regular school days.
Never thought HSST,music,speech and drama could be taught ONLINE so holistically.
Grateful to all the teachers of HFSI.
Hope we continue to stay safe!
Thanks and best Regards,
Rekha Nair
Madhurima Nair (CAIE-Primary)

I am herewith sharing my experience about HFS International where my three children (Aditi Sishtla (IBDP Year 1, XI), Aditya and Apoorva Sishtla (CAIE Grade V) are currently studying.
When my family returned to Mumbai few years ago we were in search of a good school in Mumbai, preferably in Andheri - Powai - Ghatkopar areas for our three children.
My wife and I visited several well known Schools in the area offering ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE curriculum. We decided to opt for IGCSE after we are convinced that IGCSE pattern will help the kids to have a more holistic approach to education though the other curriculums do have their respective strengths.
Once we decided on IGCSE, we narrowed down to few Schools offering this curriculum and the final choice was HFS International School in Powai due to its track record, excellent infrastructure, experienced principal, teachers and well established IBDP stream as my daughter is intohigher classes and we would like her to seamlessly move into IBDP program after completion of her Std X.
Our children found the School and its environment very helpful with the teachers motivating them to do well in their academics and encouraging them to part of various extra curricular activities and sports.
In the current academic year, my daughter , Aditi Sishtla joined the IBDP program and she has been finding the program very helpful as she is able to choose diverse subjects of her interest across sciences and humanities and pursue the same. The teachers have been supportive of the students in making them understand and appreciate the fundamentals and their applications in industry.
We found the School's emphasis on inviting industry experts to explain relevant topics across subjects an excellent idea that will help broaden the exposure and understanding of the students. IBDP students are encouraged and helped in taking up various activities that form part of CAS. Well known global and local private universities are invited to share the details of under graduate programs for the benefit of the students.
We are happy with the progress being made by our three children in HFS International, with daughter in IBDP program and sons in IGCSE and feel good about our decision to choose HFS over other Schools.
We are sure that students of HFS International Will do exceptionally well in their IBDP program under your able leadership of HFS and pursue under graduate and higher studies as per their choice to develop into much sought after professionals by Industry.

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