Admission open from Nursery to CAIE IX 2024-25. IBDP (XI & XII) 2024-26 is Open.

Creativity, Activity & Service

Creativity, Activity & Service - CAS

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) helps students become responsible, compassionate citizens. Together, they enable a student to recognize and understand that there are many opportunities in life, apart from “formal academic study”, to help one grow in knowledge of life, self and others. Participation in the creative activities, sports and community service activities encourages young people to share their energies and special talents while developing a thorough awareness of the world around them and an ability to work “cooperatively” with others to improve communities and the world at large.

It is at the Heart of the course. It forms the Soul. Without this IB would not quite be IB! If classroom provides mental development, then it is CAS that develops the other senses of the child. It sensitizes the child to things the world is soon forgetting. It helps the child to understand that it is not only O. K. to be concerned about local as well as global issues but it is also necessary to try and be involved in changing things around us. Only such sensitized children could contribute to the needs and betterment of the world at large.


Creativity interpreted as imaginatively as possible to cover a wide range of Arts and other activities outside the normal curriculum.


Activity can include participation in expeditions, individual and team sports and physical activities (Karate, boxing) outside the normal curriculum.


Service is community or social service (working with NGO)

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