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On Wednesday, 5th July, little environmentalist of HFSI CAIE Primary Grades 1-5 took the initiative to make our atmosphere neat and clean by planting saplings in school.

The objective of this activity was to create and enhance awareness about the importance of tree plantations, how we can save our climate from pollution, control global warming, and make our Earth a better place to live in. Under the guidance of their teachers, the young students enthusiastically participated in the activity. Each student brought a small sapling, and together, they planted the saplings. Despite getting their hands muddy, the students thoroughly enjoyed the planting process and the chants of "Go green" resonated in the air, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm amongst all the students actively engaged in the activity. The hands-on experience allowed the students to develop a deep sense of environmental sensitivity and brought them closer to nature.

This was followed by an art activity where learners created observational drawings of the planted saplings, honing their observation skills and artistic expression. The students were thereafter prompted to reflect on their experience. They were encouraged to express their thoughts, emotions, and insights in writing.

The combination of the activities provided a comprehensive learning experience. The plant a sapling activity fostered environmental awareness, while the observational drawing and reflection exercises nurtured creativity and critical thinking.

This initiative demonstrates the school's commitment to holistic education and instilling a sense of environmental consciousness. By engaging students in such activities, they are equipped to become responsible global citizens.

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