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Independence Day Report

Independence Day Report

On the 15th of August 2021, the senior most classes along with the teachers of the school came together to celebrate India’s seventy-fifth year of independence. Organised by the students of IBDP 1, the event commenced with everyone showing their respect to the country by singing the national anthem. Following this the hosts for the day, Himank, Mahi and Miheeka, called upon the principal of the school, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, who spoke about the auspicious day and enlightened all the students with some unknown facts. One of them being the significance of using the word ‘hoisted’ on Independence Day, in respect to the flag, whereas ‘unfurled’ on Republic Day.

Moving forward, a group of students from IBDP 1, namingly Nikshay, Neheeka and Janay, shed some light on the day itself, through a presentation. They spoke about India’s fight for its freedom against the British and its achievements since then in respect to the Olympics, astronomy and the medical industry, especially in its current battle against Covid-19. The second half of the event began with a beautiful performance by the students of The Groups Of Disabled Mutually Beneficial Activities Foundation, also known as the GODS MBA Foundation, a school that aims to provide service and support for people with disabilities to enable them to participate in society and community life equally. They performed a dance routine choreographed by three IBDP 1 students, Yuvika, Saisriyaa and Riya who worked with them to perfect this routine.

On a lighter note, an interactive team game was organised for the students as well as the teachers wherein they had to guess the patriotic movie based on the clips presented before them. Both teams, IBDP 1 and IBDP 2, showed equal enthusiasm and competitiveness when answering the questions at hand. With a difference of only one point, IBDP 2 managed to win the game with the help of their supportive teachers. The event was brought to a close with the school song.

Despite having to conduct this event online, it was received well by everyone present and fulfilled its purpose of celebrating India’s independence in the best way possible

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