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Imminent Author Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik Visit

Devdutt Pattanaik visits HFSI for Founder's Day 22-23

-Kimaya K
This year, for HFSI’s Founder’s Day of 2022-23, the school was graced with one of India’s most prestigious bestselling authors, Devdutt Pattanaik. With the gracious presence of our respected principal Ms Kalyani Patnaik, and our beloved founder Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, the riveting Founders Day event turned out to be a sensational success.

The event commenced with Dr Niranjan Hiranandani enlightening the children in light of the Founder’s birthday. Subsequently, Mr Devdutt Pattanaik passed on words of wisdom to the students in the fifth-floor multipurpose hall of the school. Mr Pattanaik shared anecdotal memories from his childhood and recounted the zeniths of mythology with the students, communicating the morals to learn from in each story. From Hanuman’s insatiable desire for the sun to the recurrence of the number seven and its vital significance in the ethereal realm, Mr Pattanaik’s stories enlightened the students on both a mythical and a personal level, reigniting the invigorating spirits in the student’s hearts and minds. Following Mr Pattanaik’s percipient perspectives, the students interacted with Mr Pattanaik in a Q&A session involving the inspiration behind his latest trilogy, consisting of the works Shiva, Vishnu, and Goddess, his writing process, and the magic of mythology. Mr Pattanaik also signed copies of his latest works for the students to purchase at the school itself.

The event, which lasted for around one and a half hours, filled the hall with benevolent smiles and laughs throughout its course. The entire day, including Mr Pattanaik’s amiable welcome, his entire visit, as well as passing on the affable token of appreciation, was captured on a high- resolution camera to display the unforgettable moments on the school’s social pages to cherish forever.

This year, because of Mr Devdutt’s sagacious visit, we have honored Founder’s Day with a perfect procession of events. We hope that Mr Devdutt Pattanaik can visit the school again, create more invaluable memories, and grace the eager youth with his indispensable insight to rekindle the zest of mythology in the halls of HFSI in the future once again.

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