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French national day


All over the world, countries celebrate and renounce joy on the historical day of their freedom. France also celebrates the 14th of July as French National Day. La Fête de la Bastille celebrates the violent uprising that ushered the French revolution 231 years ago, and marked it as one of the most important days in the French history. This year French students of grade 9 from HFSI put together a skit explaining the different aspects of the French culture, guided by Ms. Lalitha Gopal.

The skit is about a high-schooler who is stuck at home during the pandemic when she had planned to visit the many wonders of France, played by Rishika Bhide. Fortunately, her French friend gathers people and tell the girl facts about France, executed by Anaya Gehi. The first part tells us about the cardinal French emblems and symbols, informed by Nishka Vaghela. We understand their importance and roles in French history. Next, Tanisha Singhal recites a French poem that she wrote herself, talking about her inspirations. She also covers the main revolutionary French poets Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo and Francois Villon. Then, Kimaya Deshpande talks about the basic day-to-day life of the natives and iconic things important to them. This includes facts about the illustrious French cheeses, their commemorated festivals like Christmas and Easter, and also their most advocated stories like The Flowers of The Evil. Subsequently, Shlok Dey culminates by talking about eloquent French artists (like Henri Matisse) and their artwork, also showing an example of an exquisite duplicate of the French painting ‘Le Chat et Poisson Rouge’ that he made himself.

Finally, ending the video, we honour and play the national anthem. Siya Suri directed and edited the whole procedure. To conclude, HFSI students are so providential to be able to learn this wonderful language, and the French students of grade 9 tried our best to show what a unique and incredible country France is, on the special occasion of La Fête de la Bastille!

• 17/07/20 (grade 9, HFSI)

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