Admission open from Nursery to CAIE IX 2024-25. IBDP (XI & XII) 2024-26 is Open.



Mumbai Darshan trip – an educational trip was organised for learners of CAIE Grades 3-5 on 22nd February. The trip was mainly centred around places of historical importance from the time Britishers came to rule: Gateway of India, Air India Building and other crucial spots that highlighted the olden times in the city. Children were thrilled to perform a street play on the three R’s – drawing the layman’s attention to help signify the problem of pollution and how we can together tackle them. The slogan ‘Be a part of Solution and not Pollution’ standing true to its words. Children were forever captivated in Space and Astronomical engineering, a realm offering an insight into the outer space.

They enjoyed a show at the Nehru Science Centre which showcased how astronauts lived in space rockets and few interesting facts about the preparation of the journey for ‘Life on Mars’. The trip was not just educational; it also gave our young minds a milieu to grow and bond in each other’s company and to kindle a connection with their teachers as all took this expedition to enjoy a lively view of the city – Mumbai.


TRIP TO KIDZANIA -A blend of adventure and learning “Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play”-Plato

The trip to Kidzania was an expression of the above quote. It was organized on the 10th March for the young learners of CAIE Grades 1 & 2 and was a perfect combination of fun and learning

The various activities at KidZania were designed for students to learn about different professions and skills under one roof; giving them real-life experiences through role-play activities, thus aiding in physical and intellectual growth, contributing to developing skills and attitudes, stimulating creative thinking, and boost self-esteem and self-confidence.

The learners were divided into groups based on the activities they took up and learned about the processes which drive various jobs and industries. The young ones were seen enthusiastically managing emergencies by being firefighters, chefs making wonderful dishes, running a pizza eatery, etc.

The activities helped them understand the world around them and learn about the kind of work which goes into making various products.The activities were interspersed with a meal at the Kidzania eatery.The learners mindfully spent the Kidzania currency, played games, and worked to earn more Kidzos, inturn learning the values of hard work and discipline. In short, the trip to Kidzania was fun and involved creativity with purposeful play

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