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EXPRESSIONS – Extempore Speech Activity

EXPRESSIONS – Extempore Speech Activity

“For effective extempore speaking a participant must be fluent, erudite and articulate.” What comes on our platter in the allotted two time is completely unknown and perhaps that’s the beauty of it.

Young learners of Primary were thrown open to this challenge on December 17, 2020 to enhance their communication skills. Our learners participated by giving an impromptu speech for a minute or two on a random topic at the spur of the moment without preparation or forethought. They spoke on a variety of topics like The Best Surprise Ever, If there in is one thing you would change about the world it would be ....., Why should you receive a present this Christmas?, The worst vegetable on the planet is… and many more.

Impromptu speech delivery on topics is a good way to test one’s presence of mind, flow of thought, speaking skills and way of presenting ideas in a scenario. HFSI Primary students made good use of the opportunity in the ‘Extempore’ activity to gather their thoughts, sort them out and use adequate words within the stipulated time. Our learners were expressive and witty and were judged by their own peers which further enhanced the listening skills of all students in class.

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