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Christopher Doyle's visit - report

Christopher C. Doyle Launches His Latest The Khandavaprastha Conspiracy at HFSI

It was a matter of immense pride and honor for HFSI to welcome Mr. Christopher C. Doyle for the exclusive launch of his latest book in The Mahabharata Quest series – The Khandavaprastha Conspiracy. Mr. Doyle has had a long-standing familial tie with the HFSI Readers’ Club and has chosen to launch several of his books in the school. His visits invariably include a gripping ride through the lanes of history, mythology, science and fiction to help uncover mysteries of the universe. Naturally, students across the school were waiting with bated breath to welcome Mr. Doyle at the venue. After a captivating welcome address, he was felicitated by the Head of School Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik with a token of appreciation. The audience comprised students from grades 6 to IBDP Year-2 along with members of CRA and teaching staff.

Mr. Doyle’s address began with an intriguing tale used as a segue for a captivating presentation for the students to delve deeper into the most fascinating mysteries from the world of history. He explored multiple examples ranging from the perplexing puzzles of long-standing ancient structures of the world to confounding natural occurrences and unexplained phenomenon from across the world to tie back to his original introductory tale in order to inspire and encourage students to examine the world through an empirical lens. He expounded on his mysterious and suspenseful examples by citing scientific evidence and research from several sources, careful to differentiate fact from fiction and speculation, thereby, inviting students to make a foray into the fascinating world of mysteries vis-à-vis mythological as well as scientific frameworks. His refreshing and insightful perspectives managed to grab the students’ attention and spark a zest for delving deeper into history, science, culture and tradition.

His address to the students was followed by an interaction segment where he fielded questions from the audience with insightful and perceptive answers that motivated students to develop a scientific approach and mindset. His anecdotal approach towards answering questions lent a high degree of relatability and engagement quotient to the session that despite its duration seemed to be wanting in further precious ticks of the clock with the illustrious author.

The event was a phenomenal success and the students received signed copies of the author’s latest book. The HFSI Reading Club is grateful to Mr. Christopher C. Doyle for choosing to launch his fascinating work at the school and the student community is going to cherish the memory forever.

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