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Report for NES Competition

HFS International at the 9th NES International Science and Technology Festival

On February 4th 2023, 36 students of HFS International, from grades 8 to 12, visited NES International school for a fun-filled event of creative expression and technological innovation. Students participated in several competitions, including the Science Exhibition: Working Model, the Science Quiz Competition, the Chem Canvas Competition, the Ad-Act-Actinium and the STEM Writing Competition. With the central theme of the event being ‘Future is Now’, the festival welcomed students across 13 IB schools from all over the country, all brought together to compete for the representation of the best future.

The event began with an Introductory session and felicitation ceremony for the guests and keynote speakers. After a short breakfast, the competitions began, marking the beginning of an ecstatic representation of the future through writing, acting, quizzes and more. From models of wireless street-lighting and digitally smart noticeboards (Arduino Uno with LCD) and speech-to-text to penning down the future of our world and solutions to its most severe crises, students dug deep into revolutionizing the future.

Following the packed lunch around noon, students continued to present their ideas in the various different forms and aspects the competition offers, from art to tests. Around 3 pm, the awards ceremony commenced, and speakers presented present-day futuristic innovations such as actuators, robotic arms, and more. Then, the students of NES performed a dance, representing humans, nature, and technology working hand in hand to achieve a bright future for humankind.

After the dance, the felicitation of the awards began. The students of HFSI won several prestigious awards, ranking from the 1st position to the 3rd, in various competitions, from the Science Exhibition: Working Model in both the seniors and juniors category, to the Chem Canvas Competition for the juniors. HFSI proudly left the competition with gleaming trophies and gratified smiles, the perfect finish to the event.

Prize winners for 9th NES International Science and technology festival -2023 held on Saturday 4th February 2023

Programme Categories Winning position Names of the Winning students
Science exhibition- Working exhibition Sub Junior Group 1st position Nirvan Teckchandani (6B)
Prithvi Jadhav(6B)
Prayan Gangwar(6B)
Science exhibition- Working exhibition Senior Group 3rd position Haard Sanghvi(IBDP1)
Kimaya Deshpande(IBDP1)
Science Quiz Competition Junior Group 3rd position LakshayavardhanMangalani(9A)
Omkar Nair(8A)
Chem Canvas Competition Sub Junior Group 1st position Faith Peter(7B)
Chem Canvas Competition Junior Group 3rd position Mahi Deshpande(8A)
Stem writing Contest Sub Junior Group 2nd position Ariv Tiwari(6C)

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