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Junior HFSIMUN 2021

unior MUN

Junior MUN – A New way ahead to create more leaders

Junior Model United Nations was initiated by our dear Principal Ma’am, Mrs Kalyani Patnaik as a part of creating leaders and motivating and imbibing an educational simulation and academic activity where in our learners learnt about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Through structured and diplomatic debates, students of grade 5 and 6 formed global solutions targeting specific problem areas.

The eloquent IBDP MUN veterans were involved as Committee Chairs, Grade 6 learners played the role of executive chair and Grade 5 students got their first exposure as delegates representing a country. An in-depth research on various topics like Healthcare in India, Human rights of Afghanistan, Education in Sri Lanka, immigration of Bangladesh and flora and fauna of Bhutan was conducted by the young learners.

On 21st April 2020 our Junior MUN leaders, mentors and delegates gathered around for a virtual preliminary round where our beloved Principal Ma’am declared the session open and showered her encouraging words. The mentors then divided the delegates into their respective groups and delegates presented their solutions and the debate began. After the discussion ended, the winners were announced for the plenary round to be held on 22nd April 2020.

The plenary round was an exciting event where the delegates diplomatically debated on the various solutions that was previously passed. These were very well rebutted by other delegates and based on the fair voting system, the solutions were passed and accepted.

Our learners presented confidently and exhibited their various perspectives positively. The judges had a tough time choosing the winner. Finally, after a lot of contemplation and discussions, the winners were announced, and the event was closed by reassuring words of “Leaders creating leaders”.

Overall, the maiden Junior MUN was a huge success and all our learners had a fabulous experience and learnt to work together along with our IBDP students exhibiting their mentorship skills. This was an amazing culmination of students of various grades coming together and a classic example of lead by example.

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