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EUMIND (Europe meets India) Student Exchange Program provides Educational and ecological initiatives between Europe and India. EUMIND connects schools throughout India and Europe that are collaborating in educational projects. The Students of Hiranandani Foundation School International, Mumbai and Ir. Lely Lyceum, Amsterdam, Netherlands collaborated for the Eumind GO- Green Project. The Student exchange program promotes an intercultural connection between students of both the countries, with the goal to develop the future global citizens. The Eumind Student exchange program has helped students to enhance their communication skills, research skills, critical thinking skills and interpersonal skills.

The Students of Grade 8 were divided into subgroups of about 4-5 students and were matched with a subgroup of their partner school, Ir. Lely Lyceum.

The website for the Go Green project was developed and designed by students. The introductory video and text were uploaded on the website by the students of both the schools. The introductory video conference was held in the month of November.

After the first video conference, WhatsApp groups of the students were formed as per their subtopic for the Go- Green Project. The Students of HFSI and Ir Lely Lyceum had informal communication through WhatsApp regarding the culture, ideas, interest, and their research for the Go Green project.

The Students of HFSI research on various subtopics such as Ecological Companies, plastic recycling, saving food, saving energy at school and waste management.

The Project Concluded with the official sharing of research findings through a video conference on 16th February 2022. The Head of HFSI , Mrs Kalyani Patnaik and Head of Ir. Lely Lyceum Mr Erik Baaijens encouraged and appreciated the students for their dedication towards the Go Green project.

After the Video Conference, the Students uploaded their insightful reflection and Self-assessment Sheets regarding the project on the website.

The project lasted for a wonderful and enriching four months and was able to foster lifelong friendships between students of both the schools. The Eumind student exchange programme is yet another successful initiative by our school HFSI to promote holistic development of our students.

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