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From the Readers’ Club - A SIP FROM THE CUP OF MINDFULNESS 2019-20

The Reading Club of HFS International organised the session’s first author visit on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 in which Dr. Mickey Mehta was invited to address the students of the school. Dr. Mickey Mehta, a leading holistic health guru and a corporate life coach had been instrumental in developing holistic health systems to self-heal, transform and transcend and had been awarded the ‘Health and Wellness Icon Award of India’ by Economic Times . The session saw the author of the bestselling book “The Shoonyam Quotient” sharing his thoughts with the students of the school. In a world fraught with unparalleled anxiety and stress, his confession that he had been a failure at school and his advice to accept the responsibility of failure is something that is going to strike a chord in the hearts of many a student. The valuable lessons of life shared by him would make our students more focused. All of us, he propounded, have in us the potentiality to excel and to aspire to become somebody very special one day. It really does not matter when you would bloom and blossom in life but you should “learn to enjoy and grow”. In order to grow you have to process your thoughts in the most creative way and that can flow only if you possess a healthy body. The book penned by him “Lose Weight Gain Shape” is in sync with the school motto, “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano”. Our students had the opportunity of interacting with the Health Guru and voiced their thoughts on various issues. Their intelligence and their genuine concern for nature, society and relations made the author promise to come over and mentor them in the days to come. We hope that the students of HFSI will imbibe a healthy way of living and celebrate the phenomenon called “LIFE” under his able guidance.

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