Experienced teachers wanted for Grade 5 to 9 IGCSE and IBDP I-II (XI & XII). |Admissions open to 2022 - 2023. | Admissions Open To All For IBDP 2022 - 2024 (GRADES XI & XII). IEC Material for Corona Responsive Behaviour (CRB).

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HFS International Flag soars high once again!

Our school’s glory and pride will always be our students, as they venture out into the real world creating special places for themselves.
Making HFS International IBDP truly proud is our first batch 2008-2010 Alumni student, Poorvi Iyer. We’ve known Poorvi as a hard- working, intelligent and an extremely focused student who imbibed from the IBDP program a vision that allowed her to chart out her future course.
Having completed her graduation in Economics from NYU, Poorvi went on to do her Masters in behavioural economics from ETH University, Zurich.
The University where all Nobel prize winners like Einstein were alumni.

Proovi is currently a PhD student in the London school of Economics, and it gives us great pride to announce that she has been awarded a Class Teacher Award in recognition of her contribution to teaching in the Department of Methodology for the academic session 2020/2021.
We wish her many more successes!

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