Admissions open to 2020 - 2021. | Admissions Open To All For IBDP 2020 - 2022 (GRADES XI & XII). For information and details Orientation Desk is open on all weekdays between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. | Calling for Teachers to Apply in all Subjects.

All Courses

The Courses offered at the Hiranandani International School are as follows :

Cambridge Secondary 2 - IGCSE IX and X

  • Group 1
  • Languages: First Language English, Hindi or French or Spanish
  • Group 2
  • Humanities: Economics, Global Perspectives, EVM (All three or at least one)
  • Group 3
  • Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology/EVM (All three or at least one)
  • Group 4
  • Mathematics: Extended Maths, Additional Maths (Any one)
  • Group 5
  • Business Studies /Art and Design, ICT/Computer Science (Any one)

  • Minimum Subjects to be choosen: 7
  • Minimum of 7 subjects with one subject from each group is necessary for the student to be eligible for the International Certificate Examinations (ICE).
  • EVM can be offered as both science and humanities subject. Note that Biology and EVM cannot be taken together
  • Minimum of 10 students required to offer a subject

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