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Date- 28th July,2021
Venue- online
Duration- 11am -1pm

Foundation school International attended a seminar organised by Sanjay Gandhi National Park on “LIVING WITH THE TIGERS-CURRENT TRENDS IN TIGER CONSERVATION”.

The two-hour online session was extremely enriching with a panel discussion on various aspects like how Tigers are conserved, how Tigers are being used for Ecotourism, how they maintain the Ecosystem and help in Biodiversity and what our government is doing for Tiger conservation.

The eminent speakers included Mr. Anish Andheria, President, Wildlife Conservation Trust, WCT, who spoke about the old threats which still existed, but additional dangers from galloping habitat destruction at the hands of mega-projects including mines, dams and linear intrusions had risen drastically and how the climate change had aggravated the impacts of all these hazards to our biodiversity. 

Mr. Anand Pendharkar, Founder Director of an NGO, the SPROUTS Environment Trust, a wildlife biologist stressed on the fact that conservation and environment awareness should start as a home school or pre-school exercise, during their wordless years, as crucial life lessons of responsibility and being-educated. 

Mr. Mayur Kamath ,engineer by profession and an amateur wildlife worker, advised students how to save tigers by doing their bit.

Wildlife warden, CFWL thane, Mr, Roheet karoo, discussed about the challenges they face to protect the tigers and various laws implemented to save tigers and to be alert citizens to stop any kind of animal poaching.

Children were made aware about the alarming situation of the Tigers and suggested the ways and means to give their individual contribution towards tiger conservation. They were also made aware of the wildlife emergency number 1926.

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