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TEDx [email protected] 2018

TEDx [email protected] 2018

HFS International has added one more feather to its cap with the initiation of TEDx Youth @HFSI 2018 (Technology, Entertainment and Design) on the 24th of November, 2018 at Hiranandani Foundation School.

The theme for the event – Limitless was chosen to reflects the vision of the HFSI family in that age is no limit to achievement. The event endeavoured to inspire the youngsters who will soon embark on life’s journey, with lessons on limitations and hardships strewn along the way. However, it is the stories of the dedicated individuals who have the mettle to overcome all limitations that resonate with us and galvanise us. The event’s goal was to inspire, empower and encourage the young audience to define their own limits by breaking free from those set by others and to infuse in them the notion that life is limitless.

To exemplify the powerful message, the school had invited a range of extraordinaire speakers who are maestros in their fields.

In the opening speech, the Head of School, Ms. Kalyani Patnaik about the importance of starting conversations in order to stimulate young minds and help them grow. She stated, “Students, nowadays, listen to reply, not to understand” and proceeded to stress on the fact that it is essential to listen to other people’s experiences and knowledge in order to grow.

Dr. Santosh Kshirsagar, the first eminent speaker, spoke to the audience about the importance of understanding the Devanagari script, among other ancient scripts. He believes that knowledge of such scripts can unlock the mind, and open it to so much more. The talk by Nikita Mehra, the eighteen year old sagacious speaker, spoke to the audience about the importance of counselling.

Nine year old Advika Nair, the youngest speaker of the event, spoke to the audience with a voice full of excitement and passion. It was delight for audience. Ms. Venkatraman aired her views about her struggle to find job with purpose and how she was able to manifest her dream job. She talks about her three matras that allow you to be limitless and shared her golden formula with the audience: INTENT+EFFORT+GRACE=EXCELLENCE

Ms. Komal Hiranandani educated the audience about the concept of ‘unintended consequences’, how they play a part in our lives and how we must deal with them. Dr. Radha Kumar, Erudite Professor at St. Xaviers for Ancient Indian Culture, spoke fervently about the importance of teaching the Indian youth about our ancient Indian history.

Mr. Bharat Dabholkar’s enlivening speech had the audience’s funny bones tickled with his witty sense of humour and talked on how important it is to be unique and original.

The talks were complemented with performances themed on “GIRL POWER” and MALALA DANCE from our HFS International Students. There were also video clippings of famous TEDSpeakers like Head of TED, Chris Anderson; Azim Khamisa; Nilay Kulkarni and Maysoon Zayid that added to the flavour of the event. The event received a thundering applause from the audience, appreciating HFSI IBDP II students who have shown excellent entrepreneur and leadership skills in managing the event from the beginning to the end independently.

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