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[email protected] 2019

On August 31st 2019, the second edition of [email protected] took off. The event, orchestrated by the IBDP students of Hiranandani Foundation School International, took off after months of intricate planning and perseverance. An array of informed speakers were present to share their perspectives on diverse topics, creating a symphony of unique ideas. The central idea that weaved the talks at this event together was ‘the Kaleidoscope’. After several sessions of brainstorming with Mrs.Kalyani Patnaik, Principal and core committee heads, we arrived at the topic Kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope is a device that uses a collection of mirrors and coloured glass to create changing patterns. As a symbol of diversity, the kaleidoscope aptly captures the ethos of [email protected] From the dynamic fusion dance and singing performances to the remarkable collection of speakers, the multifaceted spirit of a kaleidoscope truly resonated through the event.

A renowned businessman and real estate tycoon, Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani was the first speaker at the event, giving us a talk about the importance of being better than the best version of ourselves. In our ever-changing cultural and social landscape, Dr. Hiranandani emphasised how crucial it is to establish a firm understanding of the past, and encouraged us to continually strive for self-betterment using inspiring anecdotes from his life.

The second speaker was the prolific celebrity ad-filmmaker, Prahlad Kakkar. His way with words held our attention from start to finish. He stressed the importance of not being limited by the system and finding our own direction in life, untethered by what people expect us to do. With a captivating talk, he encouraged us to embrace individualism and find our own “north star”. Charming us with her magnetic confidence, Advika Nair, a ten-year old student at HFSI and a speaker at [email protected] 2018, gave a short talk on her perspective as a child on the event's theme.

Following Advika Nair was Prerna Mehra, an inspirational young entrepreneur with a thriving fashion brand and an ex-student from HFS. She shared three pertinent learnings from her life's journey through what she called her “circle of life”. From illustrating a balance in priorities to shedding light on the impact “positive accidents” have on our lives, her talk was especially relatable to the students among us.

Hutaib Adib shared the exhilarating and motivational chronicle of his life’s experiences that defined him as an individual. The powerful determination that pervaded through his life’s various incidents was captivating, instilling a persistent spirit of hope within us. Enthralled and inspired by the talk, the audience gave him a standing ovation. Additionally, we witnessed an interesting exchange between Hutaib Adib and Prahlad Kakkar after the speech, as they discussed common interests. This exchange between the speakers was a pleasant surprise and fascinating to listen to.

Pratish Nair interacted with some audience members directly and engaged them with his candid and humorous personality. The main idea he spoke about was that of achieving happiness. With his enthusiasm, Pratish Nair made all of us experience the joy of connecting with our inner child. Aditya Singh, the youngest speaker at the event, intrigued us with his unique strategies and novel innovations. As an unconventional thinker and scientific pioneer, his talk was fascinating. And finally, Ashok Rathod, the founder of the OSCAR foundation, demonstrated the power of education through a riveting anecdote about his upbringing in the Ambedkar Nagar slums of Mumbai. Walking us through the growth of his education organisation, he left us in admiration of his benevolent actions to transform the lives of children.

The tireless efforts of the organising committee of [email protected] culminated into a huge success. The inspirational speakers left us in awe. Each and every one of them gave us unique insights into diverse topics, creating a beautiful 'kaleidoscope' of ideas. The tremendous support given by the head of school and managing committee, such functions give a boost to the holistic development of every learner.

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