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Teachers’ Day


“A teacher is beyond a mentor, a guide and a facilitator”

Teachers’ Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm across all sections of Primary on 4th September, 2020. Students were very excited about the celebrations and expressed their gratitude and appreciation towards teachers through virtual greeting cards, creative poems and heartfelt speeches.

Grade 5 learners endured the role of teachers for the day and came in dressed smartly to conduct virtual sessions for the lower grades. A range of subjects were taught by them through colourful presentations and interactive quiz sessions. The younger students looked up to them as their role models and thoroughly enjoyed the well planned teaching sessions.

Later during the day, Head of School, Mrs Kalyani Patnaik rendered the most endearing speech and overwhelmed her entire team of teachers. They were motivated and appreciated for all their efforts in moving from “learning to e-learning.” The message “a teacher is beyond a mentor, a guide and a facilitator” was beautifully expressed by our dear Principal Ma’am. Teachers were encouraged to not just fill young minds with knowledge but advised to be a part of their journey.

“A time of crisis is not just a time of anxiety and worry, it gives a chance and opportunity to choose well or to choose badly” -with this quote, the Principal wished all the teachers and thanked them for their untiring efforts in playing a key role in moulding the future of all students.

The pearls of wisdom shared by the Principal was also streamed live on You Tube (https://youtu.be/ieH4WPXhS3Y)

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