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Talent Galore Show at HFSI

The Annual Talent Galore Show presented by the Middle Years CAIE students of HFS International on Monday, 11th March, 2019, beheld a morning replete with zest and joie de vivre. The musical play – "The Pied Piper of Hamilton" – was staged before the enthralled audience at the beautiful hall inaugurated exclusively for the HFSItes in the Beaumont campus.

The musical theatre was the first in- house production by the HFSI team, which strove to bring out the best in each and every child. The old lore was given a modern touch to entertain with a pertinent moral lesson.

The event unfurled under the aegis of the raison d’être – the principal, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, who not only conceptualised the play but also was deeply involved with the team, offering her valuable counsel and suggestions in the stagecraft. The musical featured original songs, which were brought to life under the direction of the illustrious composer, Mr. Milind Chitragupth.

The meticulous care taken by the team, from planning, costume designing, and directing the stagecraft, light, and sound has been par excellence. The show, interspersed with scintillating dances and melodious songs transposed the audience to the enchanted world of Hamilton.

The zestful performers deftly put up two shows for their parents. The event culminated with the curtain call, where the efforts of the students and teachers were lauded with resounding acclamation.

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