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Talent Galore of Cambridge Primary @ HFS International

Talent Galore of Cambridge Primary @ HFS International

The young learners of CAIE Primary Years of HFS International school proudly presented their first in- house ‘TALENT GALORE ’ on Thursday, 12th March 2020, a showcase of talent encapsulated through dance, drama and music with 2 plays.

The first play’s theme - Jungle Book was presented with a twist in the story wherein the audience was treated to a novel audio visual delight, as Mowgli and his friends travelled from continent to continent in search of a new home. Through this well-choreographed spectacular opera, the little ones of grades 1 and 2 stole a thunderous applause and shared a thought provoking message in view of the current environmental issues while highlighting nature’s repercussions to the damages inflicted by man on the forests of the world.

A seed beautifully embedded on a leaf with a strong message Plant a tree. Together we can change the world by HFSI crusaders were given as take away to all parents. This reiterated the HFSI ideology of training young minds to being one with nature - to appreciate; understand their role and respect both environment and the rest of the species that inhabit it.

Play 2 – Pinocchio, the medley was presented by CAIE grades 3 and 4.

The play comprised some terrific acting performances, graceful dance numbers, and of course, some poignant singing. The play was recreated as per the 21st Century skills emphasising on moral education, the responsibility of the students towards themselves and their parents.

During the last month, the teachers and students worked extremely hard and passionately towards a common goal - To render a smashing success show. This was validated when the audiences came in huge numbers and cheered our performances throughout, and without their enthusiasm the show wouldn't have been a success.

The theme of 'teamwork' was evident in every member of HFSI family. A special thanks to the Guest of Honour, Mr. & Mrs. Milind Srivastav of Anand Milind Academy and to our dear principal Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, who conceptualised the entire show and also guided at every step making it a splendid performance.

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