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The Sports Jambori online event was successfully organized by the Sportsynthesis team in collaboration with Hiranandani Foundation School, International.

Spanning over 5 days from 25th January 2021 to 29th January 2021, Sports Jambori aimed to bring together children of all ages from grade 1 through grade 12, with competitive activities.
Sports Jambori went live on Zoom with enthusiastic children tuning in, ready to compete in fun filled activities using DIY equipment sourced at home. The event was organized class and division wise and kids were further divided into groups of 5. This was done to maximize the involvement of each kid and make sure they each had a fulfilling experience.

There were two activities planned for each grade. These activities were meticulously planned specifically for the age, skill and competitive spirit of each grade, with the aim of being inclusive and interesting to all the kids. This event was a huge success with every kid putting on their game face during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic.

Sports Jambori is a testament to the determination and ability to bring fun and sport to kids, even in the safety of their homes.

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