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Report On Scholastic Webinar

Research shows that reading ability impacts all areas of academic achievement; the more children read the better readers they become. This triggered HFSI Primary to launch the Read 365 – A yearlong reading program by Scholastic. This program aims to inculcate the reading culture, which follows the four pillars of reading namely - access, choice, involvement and reading practice

Primary learners were introduced to the wonderful world of reading through the Scholastic Litpro library that gave them access to a wide range of 1100+ e-books.

An orientation program was arranged for the parents by HFSI in collaboration with the Scholastic team. The concept was thoroughly explained and parents were completely involved in understanding the step by step process of the program and evaluation process.

The session went on to explain how reading a book that matched the child’s ability level has significant beneficial effect on developing his/her reading skill. Strong readers have higher content knowledge and perform better in school. This was well perceived by parents.

The webinars were conducted for grades 1-5 over a period of three days from 14th-16th December, and was well received by all parents.

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