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World Literacy day Report

World Literacy day and Reading Fest at HFS International

On the occasion of “International Literacy Day”, HFSI Primary observed various activities in the virtual classrooms, on 8th September, 2021 to give an insight on the fact that “Literacy is a human right and the basis of all knowledge”. The students were clubbed together and they learnt the importance of literacy day. The initiative taken by the UNESCO for creating awareness of the world literacy rate was expounded to the learners.

To further mark this day, a Reading Fest was conducted for the young learners of grades 1-5, wherein a reading recital by the English teachers lead the primary learners to be aware of the power of reading. The learners of CAIE Grades 1 & 2 dressed up in the themed outfits and costumes replicating their favourite story book character. A fun-filled bookmark activity unleashed their creativity on paper with a message to learn and follow.

Learners unanimously agreed that “Reading is a powerful gift.”

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