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HFSI Poetry Recitation Competition

The HFSI Reading Club recently hosted a recitation competition with a difference for its young littérateurs. “Each art has its own medium: the painter his pigments, the musician his sounds, and the writer, words” - Sir Ifor Ivans..

The session endeavoured to capture the quintessence of literature as a vehicle of social change. Presided over by Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick, who has authored several books, articles and poems, the budding poets of HFS International proffered their reflections on some of the poems penned by her..

The Principal, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, initiated this club to bring the young thinkers and budding writers into the fore of the creative world. The ongoing series of events are outlined to inculcate in them a critical consciousness and to furnish them with the skills for presentation..

The young apprentices grappled with social issues such as the history surrounding gun violence, terrorism and the narrative of cruelty. They delved into the depths of the human psyche and emerged with ruminations on human freedom, hope and resilience. Through the medium of the verses, they recognized their quest to attain the Utopia they so ardently wished to see as deeply rooted in their attempt to be the best versions of their own selves, embraced with love, respect and gratitude.

In the workshop coducted by her, Dr. Mullick reached out to the young thinkers to engage them in meaningful reflections to see if malices can be washed away by planting seeds of beauty in their minds. Mr. Arindam Duttagupta – journalist, writer and designer and Sankalpita Mullick – a sixteen year old exemplary author, reader and debater declared the three winners of the competition.

Looking ahead, the HFSI Reading Club aspires to host more such forums to share, collate and learn from the prolofic insights of their peers and the experts.

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