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Learning At HFSI Primary

Every child wants to play. Every child wants to grow happily. At HFSI Primary, we understand a child’s need to have fun as he learns, and be uninhibited as she grows. Stemming from the principles of Multiple Intelligence, the Primary Cambridge Programme at HFSI aims to bring out the innate wholesomeness that every child carries within the self.
At HFSI Primary, classroom learning happens through the VARK pedagogy – Visual, Aural, Reading & Writing and Kinesthetics. Language acquisition happens through exclusive movie screenings, author visits, reading clubs and more, taking your child through a cultural experience necessary for purposeful language retention and reinforcement. The Spelling Programme immerses your child in the finer nuances of the language.


Learner-centric classrooms, instead of teacher-centric ones, lead to greater engagement and generationCreativity, are the pillars of our lesson planning and execution. of innovative ideas.
Students are encouraged, prompted and guided to pave their own path to discoveries around a learning objective. The four vital Cs – Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity, are the pillars of our lesson planning and execution.
Scholastic lessons in Languages, Math, science or Global Perspectives may be integrated with life-skills like First-Aid, EVS awareness, Emotional interdependence etc. We have moved the ABC of learning from Apple, Ball, and Cat to Activity, Benefit and Consequence.

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