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An Outreach Programme for IBDP at HFSI 2017-Kaurvika Kumar

According to the head of the school, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik leadership starts at the grass-root level and we nurture children by empowering, enabling, and enlightening them through camps and projects, keeping the learner profiles of IBDP in mind. The coordinator of IBDP, Mrs. Jagruti Joshi has been enthusiastic and always guides the students to align themselves and learn the ethos of globalization through camps and projects such as these. Like every trip conducted by the HFS International School, our three day trip to Kolad was an experience to be nostalgic about. Filled with erudition, making new friends, and of course loads and loads of jollity, this trip had everything to offer. As an adventure trip, the students engaged in a series of activities and competitions such as night trekking, rafting, zip lining, dodge ball, and of course who can forget treasure hunt.

The first day commenced with a four hour ride to the resort where the IBDP and ISC students of grade 11 and 12 were introduced with a prefatory speech to everything that they were to expect from the trip. Students were then divided into 4 teams after which the exacting yet exhilarating activities began; from rock climbing to trust walks. Not only did the activities demand physical exertion, but also mental.I was part of the team named ‘Red Bulls’ and this is where the amusement begins.

We were given wake up calls at 5:45am and were required to assemble below the Banyan Tree at 6:30am where most of our activities took place. Our day would begin with a run to the Lake Gazeebo where we would warm up and get ready for the sensational day ahead of us. After breakfast at 8:30, the games would begin and we would be on our feet until the late afternoon, when we could finally gorge on all the deliciousness the resort had to offer.
One of the most arduous activity out of all was the Burma Bridge which required us to walk on a rope across a small dried up water body. We were tied up,of course, and wore helmets for safety and precaution; but the task was extremely demanding and required a large amount of focus.

Evenings were the most gratifying as we would eventually get time to relax in the nature and listen to a myriad of birds and insects chanting their tunes. We would end the night by the camp fire after dinner, and would usually stroll around the resort breathing in the fresh, bracing air.
Laughing at the jokes and stories we shared by the fire formed a strong bond among old friends and of course the new ones. The fun memory of this trip will be representative of our cheery and carefree years. Deep into the future, we will find ourselves smiling at the memories of us zip lining through the trees and falling while running. I am already looking forward to next year’s trip.

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