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JMUN Conference Summary Report

Junior Model United Nations (JMUN 2022) Event Report

On the 21st and 22nd of April 2022, Hiranandani Foundation School International conducted its first ever in-person Junior Model United Nations, this one of a kind, revolutionary event is the brainchild of the esteemed principal of our school, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik. This event which was pioneered a year ago on the online platform has become so much more than just an MUN, it has become HFSI's way of allowing it's seniors to leave behind a legacy for their juniors, one that they can connect with and feel like they have been a of, unlike a trophy that they would admire on the shelf. This has now become a tradition that will raise its standards every year.

This initiative of the IBDP students truly embodies the all 7 objectives of the IB learner profile, beginning with engagement with issues of global significance, recognizing and considering the ethics of choices and actions, identifying own strengths and develop areas for growth, demonstrating that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process, showing commitment to and perseverance, and last but not least demonstrating the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

The first day started off quite jubilantly with the opening ceremony, the address given by the Secretary General, Director General, JMUN Leader (Saisriyaa Patro), and our incredibly galvanising principal; Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik was an unparalleled source of motivation and inspiration for each and every one of the 5th and 6th graders. After the auspicious opening ceremony, the delegates headed to their respective committee rooms, of which there were 5: UNGA, UNDP, UNHRC, UNW, and WHO. Each of these committees revolved around agendas that one would not fathom 5th and 6th graders to understand. However, we were thoroughly amazed, yet not surprised at the fact that these children digested and formulated viable solutions for prescient agendas such as: The implications of Russian interests in Ukrainian territory (UNGA), Evaluating the most effective and expeditious methods of reducing dependency on fossil fuels (UNDP), The infringements of human rights in Taliban occupied Afghanistan (UNHRC), Persecution of women by means of religious bias (UNW), and Remuneration of licenses for organ donors and recipients (WHO).

These issues that stump, the most experienced and calculated political minds in the world, were being tackled by children who have barely begun social studies/humanities. This is a testament to the true potential of our future generations, this is the exact type of endorsement that we here at HFSI give to our students, because we recognise its potential and value to the future of humanity. The second day started off with the little students drafting policy oriented working papers flooded with solutions devoid of conflicts of interest. These are the untainted and unjaded perspectives we need to voice on the world stage, this innocence of theirs is priceless. After successfully passing legislature in all five committees, the delegates had to face the brunt of the pointed and accusatory line questioning that was posed to them by the international head of press (Hriday Adani), these questions tested the resilience and political correctness of the delegates, some fumbled and made admissions of guilt on behalf of their countries, others attempted to swiftly evade the questioning and a select few wisely chose to refrain from commenting, in essence these mini-delegates treaded more carefully than real world diplomats.

The miniature Putin, Zelenskyy, Borris Johnson, Joe Biden, and many more, really upheld the honour of their nations in every opportunity they got, truly tenacious participants. The delegates enjoyed a small dance party paired with their entertainment session before the highly anticipated closing ceremony commenced. The closing ceremony truly served as the perfect conclusion to this event, which took the tireless efforts of the teacher, students and coordinators. This proved to be without a doubt, one of the most impressive displays of intellectual prowess of the students of HFSI and the future of the world. The awards, acknowledgements of contribution, and closing addresses given by Principal ma'am, the JMUN Leader, the Secretary General and the Director General and certainly filled the room with a swelling sense of pride and joy, with our hearts heavy and eyes dewy, as the conference was declared closed.

- Hriday Adani, Riya Singh & Saisriyaa Patro

We have created a google photo album for everyone to view all pictures and videos that were taken and encourage you all to add any that you may have: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nQJUwShY3wJTxv3x5

Behind the scenes, team photograph.
(Standing back row: OC, Supervisors)
(Standing front row: DG, SG, JMUN leader & 3 vice-chairs)
(Sitting: All chairs and remaining vice-chairs from grade 6&5)

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