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Investiture Ceremony Report


The investiture ceremony for the current academic year was held online on 9th July 2021. It commenced with a prayer followed by a formal acknowledgement of the accomplishments of the last year's Student Council Body wherein the former Head Boy Aadhavan Rajkumar along with the former School Captain Shreya shared their insightful experiences and inspiring words with the members of the incoming Student Council body. After bidding adieu to the former office bearers, the nominations for the present year were announced. Harshit Joshi, who has spearheaded many new initiatives in the last year, a diligent leader who believes in team work is declared as the new Head Boy of the school. He is joined by Aditi Gupta as the Head Girl who has undertaken several challenging tasks and seen them to the end, an efficient decision maker and a budding leader. The Head of School, Ms. Kalyani Patnaik, invested the office bearers, administered the oath and enlightened the gathered audience with her words of wisdom. The newly sworn in House Captain, Ashmit Basu, shared his aspiring vision and plan for the upcoming year. All the elected student leaders actively participated in the event. The ceremony came to a close with a vote of thanks .It was a proud moment for all the parents to witness their children being invested as they embarked on a new journey as leaders

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