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HFSMUN 2021 HFSMUN 2021, like all its predecessors, was a roaring success - in every single aspect of the word. With over 200 delegates - a record high - it’s no surprise that this event is one of the best school-based MUNs in Mumbai! The theme for HFSMUN’s annual event was, “the 17th Sustainable Development Goal focusing on revitalising the global partnership for sustainable development” and the secretariat - Advait Sangle (Secretary General), Ishaan Shetty (Director General), Soham Gupta and Harshit Joshi (Under-Secretary-General), Srinidhi Suresh (Head of Organising Committee), Aditya Belwalkar (Charge D’ Affairs) - definitely were the only reason this event ran as successfully as it did!

This committee was focused on the idea of Cryptocurrency, and was filled with seasoned and talented delegates, discussing their country’s points of view in a firm, yet entertaining manner! While there was no resolution formed until the third day, this committee was nothing short of healthy debates. The resolution that was passed - in spite of the constant banter during committee - was of establishing cryptocurrencies as legal tender for global and national currencies.
Executive board:
Hriday Adani-IBDP 1
Saisriya Patro-IBDP 1

UNSC: The agenda for the UNSC committee was the demilitarization of the South China Sea, and the committee saw many first-timers. While this did make the committee slightly stagnant, it was truly wonderful to see the new-delegates bloom by the end of the conference. The true highlight of the committee was definitely when the Guest Delegate of Japan converted the UNSC Committee into a Crisis Committee. The committee was truly deemed successful when the resolution was passed, with a complex majority and no vetoes!

UNHRC: The agenda for the United Nations Human Rights council was the Human rights issues amidst the ongoing Israel and Palestine crisis. The committee was a very lively and in action to make sure the crisis is handled at hand. We had wonderful paperwork and solutions to the crisis coming up from the UNHRC, where the delegates gave robust and informative speeches. This committee was special also because it hosted young students from Umang who were sent by the Kotak Foundation . These students were specially trained by IBDP students Ishaan Shetty and Aditi Gupta in MUN ing and debating. Their heart warming and delightful speeches were a sight to see in committee.

ICC: The Indian Crisis Cabinet had the agenda of discussing the citizenship amendment act and whether it should be implemented. This was the most enthusiastic committee in HFSMUN 2021. We had delegates who were giving illustrious speeches and laid emphasis on the crisis in hand. The directives and paper work submitted were as good as the speeches given in committee. The committee was chaired by the secretary general Advait Sangle along with Om Chakravarthy and an external chair. Overall the committee was the most fun and zealous of all.

JCC: The joint crisis committee had the agenda of the Soviet Afgan War and the tensions between USA and USSR. This committee was competent in terms of solving crises in hand and was very efficient enough in terms of helping Afghanistan. The committee was chaired by the Under secretary general Soham Gupta, Arnav Kapoor of class 10 IGCSE and a few chairs from the ICSE section of HFS. Three days of intellectually stimulating debates,three days of alliances forming, and inevitable betrayals -three days of learning.To put a neat bow to these three extremely consequential days, the HFSMUN team pulled out all the stops and made HFSMUN 2021 a success.

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