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HFS MUN 2019-20

HFS MUN 2019-20


Come July and the preparation to host the Model United Nations commences with a fervour in both the sections, the IB and ISC, of Hiranandani Foundation School. The fever of debate and discussion unfolds itself with students and teachers working round the clock to make MUN unleash a whole set of new ideas.

This year the three-day event took place at Meluah from the 2nd to 4th of August, 2019 and witnessed the participation of more than three hundred students of the school. The gala opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Yaakov Finkelstein, the Consul General of Israel, our honoured trustee, Dr. Niranjan Hiranadani and the Principal of the school, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik.

The programme started with songs from the school choir followed by the speech of the honourable guest of the day, Mr. Yaakov Finkelstein. Having retired as Captain from the Israel army, Mr. Finkelstein recounted his experiences as a full combat soldier and spoke at length how he had been instrumental in strengthening bonds of friendship between Israel and India. He advocated that Internet today is in reality a war zone and everyone carrying a smartphone is a soldier. Thus the power to create positive and negative energy rests with us and we should exercise our reasoning faculty to be the best judge.

Dr. Niranjan Hiranadani, who is a gifted orator regaled the audience with stories from his personal life and motivated the students to excel through sincere dedication. His inspiration continues to be a beacon to the students of the school as they have an exemplary character before them capable of toiling ceaselessly in the pursuit of success.

The Principal of HFS and HFS International, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, glorified the role of the United Nations in spreading peace and good will among the people of the world and went to the extent of mentioning the very remote corners of the world where the UN had been instrumental in reaching out with promises of betterment. Her speech based on the significance of “Sustainability and Development” was insightful and thought-provoking.

On the closing day, the young delegates from the six committees realized that their objective of deliberating over issues plaguing the world and coming up with “viable” solutions had exposed them to different perspectives of looking at things. The theme of the MUN 2019 was Sustainability and the event was successful in all sense as students had been able to understand the implications of conservation and maintenance of natural resources.

HFS MUN came to an end in a befitting manner with Advocate Afroz Shah, presiding over the closing ceremony. Mr. Shah who has been declared not only as the Champion of the Earth but also The Indian of the Year by CNN, inspired students to take up the initiative of maintenance and preservation of nature. His message, “Change starts the day YOU want it, if you are brave enough to work for it” must have surely created ripples in the hearts of the young learners present in the ceremony.

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