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Graduation Ceremony For The Batch Of 2021

Graduation Ceremony For The Batch Of 2021

On the 3oth of June 2021, on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, the HFSI Community bid adieu to the IB Batch of 2021. Given the current world circumstances, the melancholic IB Graduation Ceremony was hosted virtually. This may not have the ideal platform, however that didn’t stop the ceremony from being a successful and heartwarming event.

To start off the Graduation Ceremony, which was live streamed on YouTube, a video, organised by the IB-1 students, was played. Naturally, the event was inaugurated with prayers, in both Sanskrit and English. This was shortly followed by the welcome speech, given by Ms. Jagruti Joshi, our very own IB Coordinator.

After the touching welcome speech, a small biography for all graduating students was announced. This biography included IB attributes that best fit each student, noteworthy achievements, their personal stories on how the IBDP helped them grow as people and, finally, the journey they plan on embarking on, in terms of University choices and their undergraduate degrees!

After acknowledging each student for their two years of hard work and dedication, this was followed by our beloved Principal Ma’am, Kalyani Patnaik Ma’am, giving her much-awaited speech, directed at the new highschool graduates, wishing them luck, thanking them for being a part of this family and expressing her sentiments!

The Graduation Ceremony came to a close right after the Head Girl, Ms. Sejal Patil, and the Head Boy, Mr. Aadhavan Chakravarthy Rajkumar, gave their own votes of thanks, to their fellow graduating class, to the supportive and encouraging teachers and to HFSI, as a whole. This was a moment of bittersweetness and pride for everyone attending the ceremony.

Needless to say, we will miss each and every single student from the IB Batch of 2021! We wish them all the best for all of their future endeavours, and we already know they will all amount to huge success!

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