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Report - Graduation Ceremony 2022

Graduation Ceremony 2022

The Hiranandani Foundation School International celebrated its 12th graduation ceremony on the 29th of March 2022. It was a day filled with mixed emotions for everyone present as they witnessed the official send-off for the batch of 2020-2022, the batch that was unique in its own way and that fought its way through the covid 19 pandemic.

The day turned into a fiesta dedicated to the years spent collectively with friends and teachers to reminisce about the joyous moments. The students of IBDP 1 organised this event with great enthusiasm and of course endeavoured to leave a trail of nostalgia for their seniors.

The ceremony began with the auspicious diya lighting ceremony by our head of school, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, who was joined on stage by our graduating class, with their diyas, to pay obeisance to the Goddess of knowledge, by placing the diyas at her feet.

The ceremony was then taken forward by our head of school with her heartwarming speech that addressed the gathering, appreciated the grade 12 students and wished them success as they now stepped into the real world.

Following this was the most significant part of the event, the felicitation ceremony. All the graduating students stood in their graduation gowns and caps with tassels on their right as their IBDP DIPLOMA certificate was bestowed upon them by the head of school. Simultaneously, the IBDP coordinator narrated the students’ individual achievements throughout the academic year and the university offers they had received. It was a moment that really added charm to the atmosphere with a sense of fulfillment.

The deputy coordinator, continued the event by remembering the three years worth of memories he had gotten with the students during which he attempted to teach, preach & mould them for their higher growth. He went on to say that with a positive frame of mind, all the students would be able to gain the highest of achievements academically as well as otherwise.

The head boy and head girl were then called on stage to speak on behalf of their class and give their final words of wisdom as the representatives of school. After which a video montage was played to take a trip down memory lane and look at the moments created both online and offline during their tenure withinside the school

Bringing the event to a close, a song was presented by IBDP 1, dedicated to their seniors, the graduating class, expressing their joy and sadness as they bid their seniors goodbye. The smiles and clapping hands were evidence that the song mesmerised everyone at the gathering.

With the national anthem the graduation ceremony was officially brought to a close and thus began the informal celebration and photo session of the students curated by their juniors.

- Himank Agarwal & Riya Singh

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