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What Freedom means to me

“What Freedom means to me......”

A very apt theme for the school’s Independence Day Celebrations 2018 of 72 years of free India.

The HFS International, Powai students had celebrated the event with intense patriotic fervour and great enthusiasm. Among the many activities and competitions for the day, the IBDP students had an Independence Day Speech Competition on the above theme. The youngsters put forth a concentrated effort with as much energy and zeal.

Gist of the winning speeches:

Siddhant Moily, IBDP II

“According to my opinion, to be independent is to be proud of your country and proud to say” I am an India. At the same time we should realize a vision of what our country can be if we inculcate certain values and attitudes such that people love their lives to the best of their abilities.”

Aaryan Garg, IBDP I

“To me freedom means more than just the basic definition that is written in the dictionary. How the definition of freedom is basic and how we can’t live without. My speech was also how,while we exercise our full rights, we respect the freedom of others.”

Kartikeya Tripthi, IBDP I

“Freedom according to me means being able to follow my own belief system. When we allow someone to believe in what they want to, we achieve a certain level of opinion. Freedom of speech and religion are related to this belief system. Only if we believe in something, can we express it.”

Sanya Karnik, IBDP I

“I believe that freedom is more than the condition of being free from restrictions and that it cannot be described in simple terms as this term contains many deep meanings. So I feel, freedom means o confidently live our day and be ourselves and it means having the ability to choose what your future will hols for you.”

Aryan Sher, IBDP I

“My opinion about that the people post independence or the youth they don’t really know the value of freedom, they don’t really know the value of independence. I would like to quote from my speech , “ we spend a lot of times in our lives wishing that we were something other than what we are and I also talk about our ancestors who made a lot of sacrifices to liberate us from British empire.”

Head of School, Mrs Kalyani Patnaik

Head of School, Mrs Kalyani Patnaik as well delivered a strong message among the students. She said it is indeed a day of joy to love and respect our country, much as we welcome open mindedness and internationalism and rise to global thinking.

She ended the day’s celebrations by quoting her take on freedom:- Save the Planet, Secure the future to Sustain this freedom that we enjoy...

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