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HFSI Fest 2017

December 15th, 2017 marked the first HFS International Academic Fest, an exhibition of the students’ prowess in their academic subjects. There were rooms dedicated to each subject, filled with innovative presentations by the students.

At the entrance to the fest were stalls dedicated to CAS and TOK, essential components of the IB programme. These displays were meant to introduce parents and other visitors to these lesser-known but fundamental aspects of IB with fun examples and thought-provoking questions.

Packed with a great deal of French music and plenty of psychedelic charts, the French room bewitched everyone with its classic paintings and comic books. Shakespeare was the highlight of the English room, with enthralling performances by grade 9 students dressed up as Macbeth and Shylock, this classroom stressed upon every traditional piece of literature. Walking in to the Hindi room, students and parents were gratified to be greeted with a customary ‘teeka’ on the head, from mehendi counters and street food stalls to mini temples, this classroom was everything Hindi.

The entrance to the social science room was beautifully decorated by a tree, its branches labelled with the subjects of that group- history, psychology, business, etc. Each of the paths mapped onto the floor took visitors through an impressive range of installations and presentations, leading up to the penultimate display, devoted to demonetisation.The mathematics room exhibited the beauty and fun in the subject, with presentations covering such topics as geometry, algebra, and statistics with innovative models and charts. The ICT room showcased the evolution of computers. One memorable display was a PC built by IB students

The science room contained many presentations covering the wide range of the sciences. Some eye-catching ones included the display of colourful chemicals, the spinning DNA model, and the hologram. The best of HFSI's artistic abilities were revealed in the art room. The room was an explosion of colour, displaying paintings, graffiti, and 3D installations created by the students The crème de la crème of the students’ academic abilities and ideas was proudly on display, and the event concluded with gratified parents and tired but satisfied students agreeing that the fest had been a success.

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