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HFSI -IBDP Proctored Examination Online

HFSI -IBDP Proctored Examination Online

In the Covid -19 era, as a microbe continues to threaten our existence, we face a tussle between the old normal and the new normal. In these times of rapid and drastic change, as screens become our substitute for the outside world, we are all searching for something familiar. For signs that make us feel that the world is still good and that it is a world that we can work within.

Taking on the challenge of these strange times, HFSI, for the first time in its history, conducted the online proctored examinations for the IBDP I batch of 2020. Working their way through an intricate maze of links, passwords and keys for question papers, the staff, along with the students, successfully managed the examination process. It was a commendable, flawlessly worked out exercise that left us feeling a sense of victory over our circumstances.

The classroom experience was created through multiple windows on a screen to enable the process of good proctoring. The staff, taking on this duty in shifts navigated it seamlessly.

Adhering to the IB norms of academic honesty, the students were made to place their phone cameras strategically, making the writing process visible to the proctoring teacher. Papers like Math or chemistry, that can prove cumbersome to type, had the option of ‘writing on paper’, which then had to be scanned and uploaded. True to the IB philosophy, the faculty and students have proved themselves to be adept risk takers, ready to face any challenge in this paradigm of the digital and real.

As we find ways to normalize the new normal, we realize that we are still fragile, as a species and as a civilization. Our lives continue to hang precariously on thin threads: the environment, climate change and on the now essential uninterrupted and unlimited internet connection.

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