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We are already familiar with the concept of two school boards functioning under the same roof in the form of our very own HFS and HFSI that nurture students of both I.S.C and the same campus. Thus it did not come as a surprise when we found three schools viz. Indian school of Design and Motivation (ISDI Parsons Mumbai), School of Communication (WPP) and Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ISME) in one campus. The spacious ISDI Tower at One Indiabulls Centre at Lower Parel houses the best architecture and sculpture of modern times and is the destination for aspiring students who want to feel their presence felt in the corporate world as leaders or multiply their legacy by donning the robe of an entrepreneur.

On 2nd August, 2018, students of our school were welcomed by the enthusiastic faculty and the erstwhile Dean Dr. Indu Sahani of ISDI who beckoned our students to convey her warmest regards to our Principal, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik under whose flagship the school has made an immense progress not only in the sphere of academics but in other arenas too. It was a moment of pride for the school to witness ex-student of HFS, Nikita Mehra being eulogized as the “Star Student” by her present faculty at ISME. Also present were other students, Krishna Darera, Ritu Seth, Anushka and Shivam who were equally praised for their present performance.

Their excited and glowing faces revealed that they were in the most trusted hands and to prove us right we were soon informed that the endeavour to bring boardrooms to classrooms at ISDI has been further strengthened by several International MOU that ensure the best professionals coming over from different corners of the world to share their expertise with the students.

Our students, almost one hundred and sixty, were divided into three batches and ushered into three different conference rooms to enjoy mind- boggling sessions replete with creative thinking and interesting activities. But before that, they were exposed to a joyful music therapy that was intended to ‘break the ice’ and carry them to a spontaneous state of mind where they would feel free to give vent to their deepest emotions; a technique employed to prepare them to handle situations, at once intriguing and exciting.

In the ‘Leadership Workshop’ they were asked to construct the tallest tower with newspaper and cello tape. Students, more mindful of the height overlooked the base that needed to be constructed with diligence and went back home today with this experiential learning, that unless you have a strong foundation all your efforts to achieve success will fall flat. Students were also exposed to a situation in the “Smartspaces Design Workshop” in which they were told to design a space in which a blind person would be able to move without the help of technological devices.

An over-dependence on technology often hinders imagination and creativity. Students learnt a valuable lesson that observation and adaptability is the keystone for building up ones future. A similar enlightenment awaited them in another program, entitled “Design Thinking”. They went through the process of feeling ‘empathy’ for a certain need; learning how to define the challenge, ‘ideate”, build a prototype, test and reflect.

A real-world experience carefully drafted and designed by the faculty of ISDI, WPP and ISME, helped students get an idea what they are likely to face in their place of work the moment they emerge from the sheltered cocoon of their school and university life. Bursting with thrill and excitement, our young group of learners from HFS and HFSI, returned with a readiness to dream and dare.

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