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Crisil Internship -An unique CAS experience at HFS International

(17 th December -18 th December 2018)

The Crisil Internship was held during 17 th December -18 th December 2018 at the CRISIL Mumbai Office in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

9 IBDP students were selected from HFS International for the only “PROJECT BASED LEARNING “ an USP of HFS INTERNATIONAL .Students were tasked to help employees of Crisil during the installations and activation of a new HR MS tool known as “SuccessFactors”.

The students gained an experience of marketing products and were able to analyse escalation of prices and appreciate the same. The HFSI students were applauded and considered as group of quick ,smart learners !!

Kudos to HFSI IBDP Learners !!!!!!!!

Overall experience during this internship was good. It had a lot of ups and downs as expected from any internship. My friend Siddhant and I were stationed on one floor. We got off to a rocky start as many employees were busy in the morning either with meetings, work that was approaching a deadline etc. Soon, we were able to get employees to download the app and activate it. The first day went well as we were able to get around 80 installations and activations of the app. The second day didn’t go as well as the first day as many of the employees we came across we had already registered on the first day. As time passed, we say some new faces and got them to download the app and activate it. During the course of the two days, we were able to get around 120 installs and activations. One of the most important things that we learned was that not all people you meet in the real world will be kind. We came across a few people that were rude due to the frustration of the amount of work they had to complete, yet we kept a smile on our faces and tried to persuade them to download the app.

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