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Conclave HFSI 2021-Report

Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.’

- Hubert Humphrey

The invigorating academic discourse, namely the 2nd Annual Conclave, was held by HFSI on August 13th and 14th. The exhilarating vibrations from the students of our beloved HFSI, Collège du Saint-Esprit (a renowned school from Mauritius), and Jamnabai Narsee International School, conveyed sheer excitement and anticipation.

The topic given to us for the first round was ‘Experiential curricula and the structural curricula’, both these topics sparked intense debate and discussion amongst all participants. All of us present there spoke eloquently, assuredly, and respectfully, asking question after question to the debaters and getting impressive responses. The teams all seemed, in my humble opinion, very prepared and interested in the issue at hand as it not only affected the outcome of the parley but also affects the education system and the methodology of teaching today. The discussion was very relevant to today’s world where we cannot decide on how to educate students effectively - is it better to teach us from textbooks, or should we try, experience, and learn? Or perhaps a combination of the two? Our respected Principal ma’am, the judges, and teachers listened to the discourses patiently and thoughtfully before making the decision to crown the title-holder of this stirring discussion.

On the final day, the topic causing a very stimulating debate was ‘Do seamless boundaries enhance common culture?’ At first, we were blown away by the solemnity of the question but we all knew the impacts of loss of identity and loss of culture. Our side argued that centuries of conquest, colonialism and ‘development’ have already eroded much of the world's cultural diversity, but economic globalization is rapidly accelerating the process. The back-and-forth exchange was almost mesmerizing due to the quality of the questions posed and their answers, likewise.

Overall, the experience was like no other, we all conferred, we were all entranced, and most of all, we all learned. I would call it an experience to be cherished forever.

* Nishka Vaghela Grade X

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