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What is it that makes our lives meaningful? What is it that touches our heart? What makes us feel happy or what is it that makes us sad? It is experience, in all its myriad hues and flavours that constitute the very essence of our existence. It is through the learning gained from this experience of CAS that we evolve as human beings.

Somebody did somebody proved a friend in need;
Somebody sang a beautiful song;
Somebody smiled the whole day long;
Somebody thought, 'Tis sweet to live;
Somebody said, I'm glad to give;
Somebody fought a valiant fight;
Somebody lived to shield the right;
Was that somebody you? a golden deed;

CAS -Creativity, Activity and Service are based on the principle of Experiential Learning a core component of IBDP Programme. One of the many facets of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is the concept of CAS personal and social skills pivotal in becoming a global citizen.
CAS Fest 2018 was celebrated at Hiranandani Foundation School International on 19 th Jan 2018.The students of IB2 carried out CAS presentations. Each student delivered presentations on their CAS experiences, particularly their independent CAS projects. The event was attended by the Head of School- HFSI, IBDP Coordinator, CAS coordinators, teachers, parents and the IB1 students.

“As responsible global citizens we have to give back to the society “-This is the pledge every IBDP student takes at the time of taking admission. Hence their journey begins with the school giving training to students through CAS programme.
The CAS Fest has been a memorable and significant one that has changed the persona of the student, making them more caring, innovative and empathy driven. Students spoke fondly of certain memories of the activities they had completed. Some of the school-initiated experiences are the Anant Vikas trips to rural villages, and the 3-day “Leadership and Empowerment camp “in Kolad.

Students had many different takeaways from the two-year program: many spoke passionately about their new-found communication skills, empathy, and sensitivity to complex issues and how they have become all-rounders in the truest sense of the word. “The object of art is to give life a shape”-Shakespeare The art section of school has much to shape the life of each student.

The celebration continued with the IBDP Art exhibition of our IBDP Art work. The theme at IBDP ART exhibition was “Indian Culture” .The multifaceted woman in Burkha, the Krishna on the universe and Brahma the creator brought out the true essence of Indian Culture.
Perhaps the common thread here is a greater self and awareness that each of the students had gained, transforming them into global citizen .Not only have they evolved into compassionate individuals ,they have learnt to stretch themselves to attain greater feats of success.

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