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TOK report


The tok exhibition for IBDP Batch of 2022 - 2023 HFSI Episteme was a massive success. The event took place on thursday, 8-09-2022 from 8:30 am to 11 am. The event took place at the Hiranandani Foundation School International campus and was inaugurated by the head of school Miss Kalyani Patnaik.

Critical thinking skills are an integral part of education at HFSI, and this TOK Exhibition was definitely a strong showcase of students' understanding of academic components and making real world connections in the same regard. The TOK exhibition is an empowering assessment task which gives students a great deal of choice, and allows them to present their achievements to a public audience.The TOK Exhibition is one of the two required IB TOK assessments where students select three objects in response to an IA prompt, and then justify how those objects manifest TOK in the real world. The entire cohort explored some really great real world objects which justified their knowledge pursuit. Students exhibited blood sample reports, periodic tables, representations of white color for brides and widows and many other intriguing concepts.
The main organising team for the event was led by the head of operations Moresh Shukla , Sansshray Kajaya, the head of PR Hriday Adani, Haong Boa Chau along with the head of logistics Shania D’sa and Mahi gambani and with the constant help from Nikshay Doshi, Himank Aggarwal, Aishwarya Venkateshwaran, Roshan Harwansh and Neheeka Luthra. The whole event was a massive success because of the dedication and hardwork of all the IBDP 2 students and constant guidance and support of school coordinators and TOK teacher Ms. Sakshi.

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