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15th August Celebration

Our journey of IBDP 2 started in the pandemic. It was testing times for the students too, like everybody else. CAS activity took a toll during this difficult time. Two months went off without any significant CAS activity for all the IBDP 2 students. Then came the day of national rejoicing and a red-letter day in India. While discussing the online celebration for Independence Day, Principal ma’am introduced us to a distinct idea of providing tea to all the frontline workers. They were people like security guards and housekeeping who protected us during the Covid-19 pandemic while risking their lives. This idea was an act of gratitude towards these amazing people who have selflessly helped us meet our comforts during this painful and dangerous period.

This idea was agreed upon by many as we thought it was our moral responsibility to show gratitude to all those who have always protected us. Thus, on the morning of the 15th of August, 2020, we prepared tea for all the workers in our respective societies. The distribution took place early in the morning so that the frontline workers could peacefully sit and enjoy their tea. We ensured that all of them were provided with a warm cup of tea.

In the end, it was a beautiful sight for the eye to see the smiles on their face as it was indeed more than any reward. This idea, which was introduced to us by our dear Principal ma’am, was a simple yet very thoughtful decision because we as students could sprinkle happiness around our neighbourhood.

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