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Air India Report

Project-based learning with Air India Express

Our school gave us the opportunity to learn about the aviation industry and how the different departments operate in Air India Express

First, we interacted with the members from the HR department, where we learned how HR recruits suitable candidates, and prepare the roster (itinerary), and how they manage employment and employee retention and engagement. From the HR team, we learned the skills basic skills the company looks for in an employee while recruiting them in any field of profession

Then, we interacted with the members of the operations team who are responsible for dispatching, flight planning, flight watch, weather data providing, operations control, ground to air communications and crew integration, timetables, and maintenance planning. The operations team advised us on how to plan and manage your work

Next, we spoke to the members of the training department in which we learned the different courses and programs required to get a job in the aviation industry. This session of the PBI was very informative as we got to know the endless amount of courses available

In the fourth session, we heard from the commercial department of Air India express wherein, they spoke about the history of Air India and its weekly international departure along with the commercial functions which include marketing and sales, customer support and service and network planning and scheduling

The engineering department spoke about the job opportunities an engineer can have in the aviation industry, which include aeroplane design, production, operation, and maintenance

In the last session, we spoke about the Flight Safety and Emergency Response in which we learned about the black box and locations of CVR AND FDR on aircraft which gave us an idea on how to respond in an emergency.

Overall the session was very informative and enlightening, It taught us a lot of new topic areas and informed us about skills that we will need in the future, and it provided us with an excellent example to compare and contrast what we are learning.

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