Alumni Corner

Home-coming unites the past and the present.

"Being in HFS has converted me into an efficient leader in all streams. Improved my speaking skills and converted me into an avatar well known. Becoming a captain of the school team makes me proud. I hope HFSI lays a foundation for one to become an efficient leader in this world."

"The IB course helps in personality development and this makes it different from the other courses. It is less stressful & caters for all kind of achievers. I am glad that I have chosen this curriculum."

"HFS is the best school in the world, in my opinion. Why? Our Campus is a new one. Built big with 5 floors, with a private and personal floor only to the IB. The school has a library with a huge collection of books. The teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. If education is valuable to you, seek it here at HFS. Our principal is very enthusiastic about bringing our IB program into every student."

"My views about IB course is very interesting. IB is a course which makes the students capable of challenging everything. HFSI taught us to think wider and explore new things. The teachers are very helpful and kind enough to help us anytime of the day. Our school also participates in sports and has one of the best teams."

"My experience in the IB course has been very pleasant and interesting. Every day I had found that I learnt something new. The teaching faculties are helpful people who would be willing to assist students whenever possible, their teaching methods are unique and intriguing, which makes me want to learn even more! I really am enjoying my time here in HFS."

"Coming from a CBSE Board, I find the IB course very interesting and am an education towards the broader spectrum in life. The IB course helps us to excel in many areas along with academics like sports, creativity, etc. with a wonderful faculty. HFS International has given immense support towards enjoying and learning this course. HFS has given me a great opportunity and I am greatly thankful."

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